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We help seniors modify their homes to prevent catastrophic falls

welcome to Senior proof

Senior Proof was founded with a sole purpose: To help seniors, or anyone in need, feel protected in their home. We understand that with age comes vulnerability, which is why our dedicated team of safety professionals will help assess your property and execute a safety plan for you and your loved one. 


At Senior Proof, we are an AI-enabled modification company leveraging technology to enhance overall patient experience, all while preventing falls and saving lives. As a CAP Certified Safety Modification contractor, we specialize in making homes safer and more accessible for independent seniors or individuals with mobility issues due to injury. “Our core mission is to ensure that our loved ones can age in place comfortably and safely.” We achieve this by being a turnkey Safety Modification solution tailored to individual needs. Our services include the installation of walk-in showers, curb-less showers for wheelchair accessibility, grab bars, bed rails, motion sensor lighting, and much more. At Senior Proof, we are committed to fostering a world where aging in place is not only possible, but also comfortable and safe! Our technology, years of caregiving and construction experience has helped our patients successfully Age-In-Place and prevent over 56k falls and counting… 

Aging in Place: Safety and Comfort at Home

Did you know that studies have shown seniors nearing retirement age overwhelmingly prefer to stay at home independently? At Senior Proof, we are dedicated to making this a safe and feasible option for everyone.

Safety modifications play a critical role in providing the security and comfort that you or your loved one need. Creating a universal living environment involves comprehensive safety evaluations, detailed safety plans, and the execution of thoughtful home modifications.

Our Certified Aging in Place Occupational Therapists and Safety Technicians are here to guide you through the modification process.

Whether it’s installing a grab bar, building a wheelchair ramp, or redesigning a kitchen with multi-level cabinetry for wheelchair accessibility, our professionals are committed to modifying your home to your liking, ensuring your safety and independence.

We are proud to announce that Senior Proof has helped prevent over 56,779 falls and counting nationwide! 🏠✨

Contact us today to learn how we can help create a safer and more comfortable living  environment for you and your loved ones.

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