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Home accessibility is essential for anyone, especially our seniors, who use a wheelchair, scooter or mobility device. Our team of CAP Certified technicians will provide a free safety evaluation for your needs and will help execute the wheelchair ramp that best fits your needs.

Unlike wheelchair ramps, entry ramps for seniors are made to fit a small threshold or entry areas to give accessibility, comfort and safety when going over a threshold in a mobility device.  

Wheelchair ramps can be installed as a temporary or permanent solution. Our aluminum wheelchair ramps are intended for temporary use, as they can tell the environment around them there is someone in the home that may be vulnerable.

What are Wheelchair Ramps

Going through a doorway unassisted can be deeply uncomfortable. Wheelchair Ramps – also known as threshold ramps, or entry ramps  – are a safe and comfortable solution for navigating doorways. Made from either rubber or aluminum, our ramps can be designed for the specific measurements of your threshold. Our proofing specialists will professionally install your ramp to keep you safe and comfortable.

Are Wheelchair Ramps necessary?

Home accessibility is imperative for people using a wheelchair or scooter. With a sturdy, inclined platform, we can guarantee a safe transition every time you move throughout your home. If you are looking for entry ramps for seniors our team will execute a professional installation for you.

Senior Proof is a turnkey safety solution

Our concrete wheelchair ramps are intended for permanent use, as they can better blend into the environment, are esthetically more pleasing and create a permanent solution for everyone.

Senior Proof is a turnkey safety solution. From Entry ramps, aluminum wheelchair ramps or a concrete wheelchair ramps, our team will help analyze your environment and help execute the ramp that is perfect for you or your loved one.

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